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The Department Risk and Compliance committee is responsible to assist Units and Districts in reviewing policies to help mitigate any risk to the organization. Its' goal is to help Units and Districts look for potential risks and to help members understand that safeguarding our organization requires having, and following, proper procedures for oversight, internal controls and a system for checks and balances.

Compliance is an important aspect to the health of American Legion Auxiliary Units and Districts. This information is intended to assist and guide ALA entities in understanding their obligations for operating as a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation or tax-exempt association permitted to use the name and trademarks of the American Legion Auxiliary. It also emphasizes federal requirements of filing annual IRS Form 990 Series and meeting any state and local requirements.

Department Chair
Rose Ann Dzieglowicz
9835 W. Oakridge Drive
St. John, IN 46373
(H) 219-365-8944 (C) 219-629-0374

All "Program Engagement Plans" can be found under the Forms and Files tab. Once there, click on the the "Program Engagement Plan" directory, search for the specific program of interest in the directory, and click to open.

To go directly to Forms & Files, click here.

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