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The ALA Constitution & Bylaws Committee informs members about having proper governing documents at all levels. The success of any nonprofit organization depends on a sound governance structure that relies on efficient governance documents to frame the organization’s fundamental policies for driving its mission. Governing documents must be carefully developed, properly written, and periodically reviewed and updated for an organization to accomplish its goals and objectives. Everything done well, including volunteering and serving the ALA’s mission in communities across the reach of​ the United States, requires written, reasonable parameters for conducting the mission.

​Updated documents allow questions about the Auxiliary, its governance, its programs, and eligibility to be answered easily – a benefit to all members. Our constitution, bylaws, and standing rules ensure we are operating according to our agreed-upon rules.

Department Chair
Ruth Rairdon
1741 Tolworth Road
Shelbyville, IN 46176

All "Program Engagement Plans" can be found under the Forms and Files tab. Once there, click on the the "Program Engagement Plan" directory, search for the specific program of interest in the directory, and click to open.

To go directly to Forms & Files, click here.

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