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The purpose of the Finance Committee is to oversee the general financial policy of the organization and shall oversee the preparation of and monitor the annual budget and its expenditures. The Finance Committee shall oversee the administration, collection, and disbursement of the financial resources of the organization and shall advise the board with respect to making significant financial decisions.

​A successful month-to-month program depends, to a large degree, on the ability to pay the expenses incidental to it. Therefore, it is essential that a well-planned budget be one of the first objectives of the administrative year. An adequate budget ensures there will be funds earmarked for all purposes necessary to participate in the various Auxiliary programs throughout the year. A close review should be made each month to make sure that operating expenses are kept within the budget. 

Department Chair
Florence Briggs
P.O. Box 186
Eaton, IN 47338

Department Finance Committee
Vice Chairman –Jennie Maune
Member – Judy Morris
Member - Denise Delaney-Wrolen
Member - Betty Slagle
President - Cherril Threte
President Elect - Roxy Stoner
Secretary – Anna Toomey
Treasurer – Kathy Knafel
​Parliamentarian - Thelma Butler

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