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The American Legion Auxiliary Public Relations Committee works collaboratively with all levels of the organization to create, implement, and support communication that advances the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary and positively projects our image and programs to the public.

The success of our programs is due to the support and volunteerism of our members. To maintain this support and increase volunteer hours, we must keep members informed in a timely fashion. The unit PR chairman should be included in program planning and be informed of newsworthy activities at the unit and department levels. It is the goal of the PR chairmen and committees to use all forms of communication to tell the media and our communities who we are, what we do, and why we matter.

Public relations establishes and maintains a positive public image. It covers every kind of communication, from casual conversation to speaking at a public meeting about the ALA, to carefully prepared news releases for the media about an upcoming event. It is communicating to the public the value the American Legion Auxiliary provides to the community and to the country. While not a complicated job, it is vitally important and involves not only the Public Relations Committee, but also every member of the Auxiliary to help spread the word of the ALA’s mission.

​Effective media relations requires the PR chairman to establish a good relationship with local media. Appointing a committee to make personal contact with social media, newspapers, radio, and television stations is a great first step toward establishing a relationship between the unit and the media. Sharing interesting and relevant information with the public about the American Legion Auxiliary, its programs, and its mission will increase the visibility and public awareness of the ALA.

Department Chair
Manette VanWinkle
701 Long Avenue
Cannelton, IN 47520

All "Program Engagement Plans" can be found under the Forms and Files tab. Once there, click on the the "Program Engagement Plan" directory, search for the specific program of interest in the directory, and click to open.

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