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Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

The mission of the Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation program is to promote the enhancement of the lives of veterans, military and their families. The program also supports Goals 1, 3 & 5 of the 2014-2019 ALA Centennial Strategic Plan by broadening our membership goals, volunteering at VA hospitals, and building brand loyalty with the veterans themselves.

What can we do?
1. If you have a VA hospital or clinic near you, become a regular volunteer at that facility. Contact the VA Voluntary Service office and request orientation to become a volunteer.
2. Support the Service to Veterans and Creative Arts programs.
3. Volunteer at stand downs and homeless veterans’ shelters. Contact your County Veterans Service Office to find out what the veterans’ needs are.
4. Crochet hats, scarves and mittens to be distributed to the veterans.
5. Take gas and food gift cards to the Service Officer to distribute to the veterans in need.
6. Items can be taken to the local police departments for distribution.
7. Support the Legion by helping host a local job fair at your post home.
8. Assist and support caregivers of veterans.

Welcome Home Celebrations:
Provide assistance to your local VA health care system in supporting returning

service members and their families in the community. VA supports this initiative by providing

information about the opportunities available to them through the VA. Every VA health

care system sponsors welcome home celebrations in their facilities and community.
For more information visit the National website at
December is Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Month.
Barbara Parkhurst
Dept. VA&R Chairman