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This Historian's objective and responsibility is to record the American Legion Auxiliary's activities throughout the year.  This is an incredible way for everyone including members to learn about who we are, what we are doing in our communities, and why our organization matters.   This history of the ALA has been documented since November 1919 and continues today.    This historians have helped to do more than document names and dates.  The ALA history is about membership, how the members developed the ALA's programs, and projects to fulfill our mission of serving veterans, military, and their families.  It documents and describes those we support who sacrifice so much for this country of ours.  

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me: 

Cherril Threte

Historian / History Committee 2018-2019


American Legion Auxiliary

What did we do well and what can we improve upon.
Programs and Activities:
• Include current events that impact the American Legion Auxiliary and its programs/projects in the written and pictures history of the year
• Collecting information on the American Legion Auxiliary members include:
➢ members’ full name, years of membership, details of what they did, how they did it, and what benefits the results produced.
• Participate in the “Members Remember” history project. Full details are on page 2 of this plan.
• Important to include the Juniors as a part of this process. Mentor them to be prepared to step into the role of Historian as a Senior member later. Assist them in earning the History patch.
• Senior and Junior History Contest – (see the rules and score sheet).


Make History Fun

Include your Unit/District members in compiling your History, they will have many ideas and can provide details.

Show your pride in your Unit/District with your History Book. Remember to follow the score sheet instructions closely.
Your history books will be on display at Convention
Adhere to the Mid-Year and Year-end reports.

Don’t be late and not be included!!