Department of Indiana 

​​Chaplain's Corner 

November 2018

Our Auxiliary year is moving along quickly and many things have happened.  There have been hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires and other natural disasters that challenge us every day, as well as devastating happenings like the shooting in Las Vegas.  The human spirit must continue to overcome everyday obstacles, and prayer helps give us the strength to carry on.   Remember to pray daily for God’s mercy on us all.

The Prayer Chain has been continued this year.  Please submit the names of those in need of our prayers and deceased ALA members.  The form is available in the Chaplain Program Action Plan, or you can send me an e-mail with the information.  If you would like to receive the Prayer Chain e-mails, just let me know and I will include your name on the distribution list.

Please send me prayers for President Judy’s book of prayers.  My goal is to have a prayer from every Unit and District, as well as from the Juniors.

Remember mid-year progress reports are due to your District Chaplain by December 1, 2017, and to the Department Chaplain by December 15, 2017.  It’s hard to believe time is passing so quickly and these reports are due very soon.

We bless you,

God of Seed and Harvest, and we bless each other

That the beauty of this world, and the love that created it

Might be expressed through our lives, and be a blessing to others, now and always.  Amen

Take care,

Chaplain Rose Ann Dzieglowicz

Home:  219-365-8944, Cell:  219-629-0374

American Legion Auxiliary


Chaplain's Purpose Statement 

To express, by word and action, our founding principle of service to God and country.

American Legion Auxiliary chaplains are dedicated to serving "for God and country."   ALA Chaplains help members connect with God and help lead prayers and services.  Chaplains in the units, department and at national levels reach out to our American Legion Family, communities, states, and to our nation.  Their jobs are to lead fellow members in prayers at meetings, conferences, conventions, to  provide services such as memorials for our fallen soldiers and deceased members.    

The steps a unit needs to take if a

member passes away : 

1. Your membership person from the Unit will need to              fill out the deceased members form.  A copy get              mailed toDistrict Chaplain, then to the Dept. Chaplain,      anda copy kept for Unit records.

2.  Then the membership person will need to fill                         out Member Profile Update Transfer Form and write           down option 3, the member's name, membership                   number, and date.  

Deceased Member Forms